Low mood, sadness and depression can have a huge impact on day-to-day life and mental wellbeing. A depressive episode involves the presence of symptoms such as low mood, diminished interest in activities or sense of pleasure, reduced ability to concentrate, indecisiveness, low self-worth or excessive guilt, a feeling of hopelessness, recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideation, markedly disrupted sleep pattern, changes in appetite or weight, psychomotor changes and reduced energy over a period of time. Sometimes treatment for depression includes both medication prescribed by a doctor and talking therapy.  Brainspotting is a new brain-based psychotherapy & coaching approach, which can be helpful in depression by rebalancing nervous system and promoting brain neuroplasticity.

Suicidal crisis is a mental health emergency and I am unable to work with actively suicidal clients. Portuguese National Health Line SNS24 at 808 24 24 24 can be contacted for guidance on suitable care. However, in life threatening situations emergency services or local A&E are more appropriate.

10 ways therapy with Lisbon Counselling can help clients with mood issues


Creating a caring, compassionate and non-judgemental environment for the client to talk about their feelings.


The therapist strives to be emphatically attuned to the client. This means holding a 'dual attunement' frame for the client, with both relational and neurological attunement present.


Making space for difficult feelings and negative thoughts with Brainspotting (BSP). Using eye positions to access unprocessed material is a physiological method with psychological consequences. Here is an article about neurophysiology of BSP.


Internalising the counsellor's acceptance of all emotions can free client’s inner resources tied up in their pain and struggle. Receiving acceptance and validation can promote the healing process.


Incongruence is linked to psychological pain. Developing client's self-attunement can benefit the client’s overall wellbeing.


Clients who experience depression are often critical of themselves and the engage in harsh self-talk. Working with a counsellor can help them develop a gentler and more compassionate attitude towards themselves.


Together with the counsellor, the client can identify and expand their resources for coping in challenging situations e.g. exploring helpful ways to self-regulate their nervous system when they become overwhelmed with difficult feelings.


The counsellor can support the client by modelling acceptance, compassion and nurturing behaviours.


The counsellor provides structure with weekly sessions, which can help the client prioritise their own healing process by creating their self-care routine.


The therapist can offer psychoeducation to enhance the client’s understanding of depression and to normalise what they go through.

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