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Self-esteem is about how we perceive ourselves and our value. From the person centred perspective, self-esteem, self-image and the ideal self are elements of self-concept. Our ideal self is the person we want to be, self-image is the subjective perception of who we are now and self-esteem is about how we value ourselves. The greater the mismatch between the ideal self and the perceived reality, the more likely is it to have a negative impact on perceived self-worth. The root of low self-worth is often linked to conditions of worth, to which a person has been subjected to earlier in their life.

10 ways therapy with Lisbon Counselling can help improve self-esteem


Offering unconditional acceptance of the client by the counsellor, which over time the client learns to internalise. Receiving acceptance and validation can promote the healing process.


Providing a supportive and non-judgemental environment, in which the client can freely talk about their issues. Brainspotting (BSP) is an advanced brain-based psychotherapy method for accessing, processing and releasing unprocessed material.


Modelling a consistently nurturing, caring and gentle attitude towards the client.


Offering empathic understanding of the client. Holding a 'dual attunement' frame for the client, with both relational and neurological attunement present.


In therapy, the client and the therapist work together as a team to develop client's self-awareness and self-attunement.


Clients with low self-esteem often engage in critical inner narrative, which can further undermine their perceived self-worth. A counsellor can help the client find ways to minimise harsh self-talk and to develop more self-compassion.


With the help of the therapist, the client can learn to develop healthier thought patterns and to implement behaviours aimed at self-care.


The counsellor can help the client recognise and assign appropriate value to their own resources e.g. their abilities, their successes or character traits they like in themselves. Using BSP to help regulate client's nervous system and to find body resources.


The counsellor provides structure with weekly sessions, which can help the client prioritise their own healing over other distractions.


The therapist can offer psychoeducation to enhance the client’s understanding of self-concept e.g. learning about conditions of worth.

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