Stress is a natural response to anything that requires attention or action. Everyone experiences stress at times and it can be a positive factor in everyday life – stress can boost performance or enhance protection when needed. However, too much stress or constant pressure can be overwhelming and it can lead to a powerful ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. Prolonged exposure to stress or a one-off traumatic event can be extremely damaging for mental health.  For some clients psychotherapy may be part of wider specialist support e.g. together with a consultation with a doctor.

10 ways therapy with Lisbon Counselling can help clients who are experiencing high level of stress


Creating a safe, warm and confidential environment for the client to express their feelings without any judgement from the therapist.


Encouraging the client to explore the on-the-surface and underlying issues that cause stress. With Brainspotting we use eye positions to access, process and release neurophysiological sources of stress. Here is an article about neurophysiology of BSP.


Offering empathy. The counsellor is holding a 'dual attunement' frame for the client, with both relational and neurological attunement present.


Modelling a nurturing, caring and compassionate attitude, which over time in therapy the client begins to internalise. Validation can promote the healing process.


Exploring the roots of incongruence that led to the psychological disturbance and working towards developing client's self-attunement and self-regulation of their nervous system.


With the help of the therapist the client can learn to identify, value and prioritise their needs e.g. the need to rest or the need to be assertive.


The counsellor can help the client develop strategies and learn specific tools to manage stress in everyday stressful situations e.g. by using grounding exercises, teaching self-Brainspotting or relaxation techniques.


With the support of the therapist, the client can explore ways to self-regulate their nervous system. Research shows that BSP helps to down-regulate the amygdala and promotes coherence between Sympathetic and  Parasympathetic Nervous System.


Weekly sessions help the client create healthy routines by allocating time to self-care.


The therapist can offer psychoeducation to enhance the client’s understanding of stress e.g. about the 'fight, flight or freeze' response or recognising when additional support may be needed.

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